Kaliningrad Association of Young People with Disabilities 'Apparel'

Kaliningrad Association of Young People with Disabilities 'Apparel'
Welcome to the site of the Association of young disabled people “APPAREL” (Ассоциация молодых инвалидов «Аппарель») from the most west region of Russia — Kaliningrad Oblast. The site is developed and maintained by the young people with disabilities. It was made for citizens with disabilities, their entourage, people helping persons with disabilities on duty or at the behest of the heart.
The Association of young disabled people “Apparel” is a russian non-govermental, social, youth, charity, non-commercial organisation.
In Kaliningrad, since 1999 Apparel have been making its activity, aimed to teenagers and youngsters 14—29 years old:
• Stimulating activeness and improving quality of disabled youngsters` life, increasing self-confidence and helping to get over personal complexes. To reach out these, Apparel involves them in organization`s events and integrates them into another youth projects and activities. Apparel provides consulting, informing services.
• Arising social loyality to youth with disabilities. To reach this, Apparel performs public events, Make activity on the Web (the site and own social media), contacting with journalists by press-releases and invitations. In addition, Apparel maintains social actions, makes and distributes social advertising (video- and audioclips, posters and flyers), advertising in media, takes a part in public relations.
• Supporting social initiatives of volunteers and different organizations. It means, Apparel unites people`s wishes and material assets, organizes interesting events for youngsters with disabilities.
Apparel`s finances are formed from donations of goverment, commercial companies, individuals and foreign investitions.

The principles of Apparel`s activity:
Independence. Apparel is an independent legal entity, made just for aims of charity and not depended of some person or organization.

Transparency. Apparel do its job, based on open and clear methods, accessibility of a financial and content reporting, openness of internal proccesses and using technologies.

Consistency. Activeness of organization`s members and a steady inflow of new followers lets Apparel plan perspective work, make a competent policy of a fundraising from benefactors.

Based on a local community. Apparel involves organizations and different groups of society.
Innovativeness. Apparel is looking for and uses actively modern experience in its activity.
Nowadays, Kaliningrad Apparel is a modern service structure for children and youngsters with disabilities, offering services that they need. Activists of Kaliningrad Apparel — young people, experienced in non-commercial area's work. Lots of them have been studied in russian and foreign training and resource centres.
The main feature of Apparel — all the work is planned and made just by youngsters with disabilities. Therefore, results of organization/s work is, primarily, a story of their success!


According to statistics, there are 85.000 citizens in Kaliningrad Oblast with disabilities. Approximately, a quarter of this number are children and youngsters. Despite a system of social protection, they are one of most dysfunctional population group, economically and socially.
In the spring of 1999, six kaliningraders with different diseases had reached the idea to create an independent social organisation:
- they know well about difficultinesses of disabled people and misunderstanding of enviroment;
- they have been facing architectural and psychological borders;
- they are convinced of perspectively collaboration and mutual support;
- they are convinced of importance of consideration disabled people`s opinion regarding to the help and services they receive;
- they want to realize their social-worthable work in favour of young disabled people.
Personal life experience of “constitutors” defines main direction of Apparel`s work — “the protection of rights and legitimate interests of young (14—29 years old) people with disabilities, ensuring possibilities, equal to another citizens, for them, the solving tasks of social integration of people with disabilities.” Kaliningrad Apparel was established without any influential founders and rich sponsors — with power, energy and activeness just of young people with disabilities, wanting to improve their life. Apparel was registered on 12th of November, 1999.

(Excerpts from the Charter)
Facilitating participation of young people with disabilities in all spheres of life
Offering legal support.
Activity in areas of education, enlightenment. science, culture, art and healthcare.
Rehabilitation of young people with disabilities:
• Charity
• Employment of people with disabilities and their family
• Psychological support for people with disabilities and their family
Social support and protection of young disabled people and their family
• Maintenance of direct international communication and connections with disabled people's companies and media.

Management of Apparel;
• The general assembly
• The council
• The chairman
• The auditor


For every organization feedback is important. Opinions help to improve the work. Just an existance of them proves that Apparel's activity was not left unnoticed. A matter of response advices, how qualitative, professionally and demanded such work.
Daily, Apparel interacts with people getting our service and very different organizations and structures. Apparel does not collect and stash specially, but does receive gratefully official documents with partners' expert opinion about its activity. There are e-copies of those documents in russian interface of the site.

Results of Apparel's work are evaluated constantly by:
Recipients of our services – just young people with disabilities and their entourage. Measure of evaluation – compliance of recieved support to their expectations and urgent requirements;
Management of Federal Ministry of Justice of Kaliningrad Oblast. Measure of evaluation – compliance of activity to the Charter of Organization and existing laws of RF;
Russian and foreign begots. Measure of evaluation – target using of allocated funds and compliance of their amount to solved tasks and reached goals;
Fiscal authority. Measure of evaluation - target using of recieved funds and available funds according to Tax Code of RF's claims.

Positive evaluation of Apparel's activity and its active work on the provision of different social services is proved by proposals of cooperation and partnership interaction. Apparel is invited to take a part or to become a part of different workgroups, assemblies and other structures of consulting, discussing and recommending specialities, targeted to youmg people with disabilities. For example, Apparel:
• Defined as “one of the most attentive regional social company” by the Settlement N 223 on 17th of July, 2006 of Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast G. Boos;
• Works in the regional Registry of youth and children organizations which is funded by goverment;
• Works in the City Council of Kaliningrad of Youth Policy;
• Works in the Council of Disabled People Affairs to the Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast and in the Council of Youth Policy to the Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast;
• Participates in Youth Parliament Assembly to the regional goverment.

Apparel is funded by individuals, commercial organizations, authorities of different levels and russian and foreign funds, too. Apparel don`t make commercial business and don`t have incomes of this kond.
A financial statement is formed on the basis of rules of accounting. All the incoming funds and the spendings approved by documents. A professional accountant comtrols directions and values of spendings. In his competency there is forming statement for investors.
The incoming funds are targeted donations (targeted financing) to realize projects and programmes, standalone events and actions, economical and administrative spendings.
In different years financial support of Apparel was made by Ministry of Education of RF, Mimistry of Economical Development of RF, Ministry of Finance of RF, Social Assembly of RF, Goverment of Kaliningrad Oblast and Administration of Kaliningrad, Fund of supporting of russian political party “United Russia,” BBC channel, polish fund “Euroregion Baltica,” IREX, fund “Schmitz-Stiftung,” netherlandisch fund @Net R.C, LINKS, Maagdenhuis.

Funding sources and their part in common number of incomes are different each year. The reason is abscence of sustainable state`s support and a lack of alternative strategical investor.
All the incoming funds are spent to targets stipulated by the Charter. Spendings are equal to estimates and approved by the accounting documents. Spending funds of target funding (grants) defined by grant agreements. As a project is realized, grantors receive reports..

Apparel does not publish amy personal information and value of donation of its friends, does not provide such lists to other organizations and individuals and mentions exact names and amounts with their makers` agree only.

Apparel is a reliable partner, succeeded in realization of social projects invariably. We always work closely with govermental, non-govermental organizations, municipal and state authorities and social companies.

Friends of Apparel are very different. We are GRATEFUL TO INDIVIDUALS and organizations, helping BY THEM OWN to make events and actions.
Very special gratitude activists of Apparel express to their comrade Sergey Rumyantsev for assistance — a translating this text into English.
Contact info APPAREL: Phone. +7(4012)56-36-16, e-mail: apparel.ngo@gmail.com, Web-site: http://www.apparel.ru, community in VK: http://www.vk.com/apparel39, community in Facebook: http://facebook.com/apparel39